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Gonfalons are a physical representation of the celebration of achievement. Great for commencements, special events and ceremonial banners for learning Institutions. The gonfalon is a prominent visual element that conveys pride, unity, and a sense of the greatness of the moment in the graduates and their supporting faculty.  


  • SIZES: The most popular size is 3’ x 5’ high and 4’ x 6’ but we can produce any sizes desired to fit your needs.  
  • FINISH styles include a pole sleeve on top and Chevron, Rectangular, Fishtail bottom finished with optional fringes.  
  • TECHNIQUES: On the front layer of the gonfalon, a design may be printed, appliqued, embroidered, or any combination of the three. The back could be single-color of the same as the front or different visual.   
  • MOUNTING: Gonfalons can be mounted onto vertical dark oak poles and are carried by honored students and faculty. Please contact us for all available accessories.   

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